Frequently asked questions

Custom and personalised orders


Can we engrave this?
The most common answer is yes we can! Please always consider the number of characters you wish to have engraved and the space available on the desired item. Please also note that engraving instructions are case and punctuation sensitive, capital letters and lower case will be engraved accordingly as will hyphens, periods etc.

Can we engrave metal (e.g. the back of cufflinks)?
Unfortunately we do not have the machinery needed to engrave metal. We can however engrave wood and paper and anything in between. Just send us a convo if you have any queries or special requests regarding custom engraving.


Wood Grain and Care Instructions


Please note that wood is a natural material, wood grains can vary somewhat depending on the time of year and what is available. This may mean the timber you receive is slightly darker or lighter than that pictured. We ask that you please consider this when placing your purchase as refunds will not be offered on these grounds.

In order to care for your SmoothTrim products correctly:
• Do not expose them to excessive moisture. 
• Do not bring them into contact with potentially harmful substances. 
• Do re-oil wooden components with a small amount of vegetable based oil and a soft cloth if the wood grain has faided over time. 

If you have any queries or not hesitate to send us a convo.


Weddings and Large Quantities


SmoothTrim items are often popular gifts for Groomsmen and wedding celebrations. If you are purchasing items for a wedding and have any special requests (e.g. special engraving, large quantities), do not hesitate to send us an email.


Wholesale availability


If you are looking for quantities larger than that listed (approx. 10-15) please send us a Convo to negotiate the sale and the possibility of a wholesale discount.


Sizing details


Do your cufflinks fit my shirt?
Yes! is the most likely answer. Our cufflinks are a generic size that should fit most shirts. The specific dimensions are available in the item descriptions, if you have further concerns please send us a convo!

What's the difference between the 'Skinny' and 'Regular' Tie Clip?
These Clips are pretty self explanatory. The 'Skinny' Tie Clip is designed to fit slimmer skinny ties (but can still look great on wider ties too), whilst the 'Regular' Tie Clip fits most wider, regular tie sizes. The price difference is due to the 'Skinny' Tie Clip being slightly heavier than the 'Regular'. The specific dimensions are available in the item descriptions, if you have further concerns please send us a convo!

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