SmoothTrim opened in January 2017 and is quickly expanding with the aim of bringing beautiful and affordable handmade, custom accessories made right here in Australia to customers worldwide! 


SmoothTrim is based in Perth, Western Australia. Perth provides a great climate for a growing business. The opportunities for a business like SmoothTrim to branch out are endless. In Perth we have encountered numerous professionals who have helped us gain experience and advice in the fashion retailing and online selling area. We look forward to exploring the South West of WA in 2018!


SmoothTrim is one of very few companies in Australia to offer such a comprehensive line of fashion items that are customisable. Many of our clients note the reliability and speed of our online selling and compare it to unsuccessful attempts at gaining the same experience from International sellers. Additionally our products are also priced extremely competitively and include a variety of packaging options to suit any buyer.


We love to hear feedback from our consumers and also pay close attention to the requests of those who reach out. This has allowed us to create custom listings that have evolved into permanent additions to the SmoothTrim inventory.




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